01/24/2010 J4/J5 race at Hidden Valley

  • In the J6 Girls Jane McKinley took 1rst and Kaitlin Houser took 4th

  • In the J5 girls Caroline Huey took first

  • In the J4 girls Kimmy Kikel took 3rd and Elizabeth O'Keefe took 4th
    3 Kimmy Kikel
    4 Elizabeth O'Keefe
    6 Grace Travers
    7 Sarah Larsen
    8 Camille Huey
    9 Shelbie Osak
    10 Rebeca Simons

  • In the J6 boys Eddie O'Keefe took 4th

  • In the J5 boys Mark Mierop took 1rst, Joseph O'keefe 2nd, Vaughnn Poelmann taking 3rd and Daniel Gioia taking 5th
    1 Mark Mierop
    2 Joseph C O'Keefe
    3 Vaughnn Poelmann
    5 Daniel V Gioia
    6 Brian Smith
    7 Remi Laurence
    8 George Travers
    9 Dylan Goldstiein

  • In the J4 boys Zachary Godwin took 2nd, Hans Poelmann took 5th and Sloan Ruhl took 6th
    2 Zachary Godwin 
    5 Hans Poelmann 
    6 Jonathan Sloan Ruhl 

erich kikel,
Jan 24, 2010, 11:30 PM
erich kikel,
Jan 24, 2010, 11:30 PM