posted Dec 8, 2009, 4:03 PM by erich kikel
Waxing / Scraping / Brushing (WSB) Cycle
One method to insure that you get the maximum performance out of your skis is the WSB Cycle. Not only will it make your skis perform and glide better; it will also protect, condition and stabilize the base material. Waxing is one place where some is good, more is better!

Once your new or reground skis have been shaped and edge angles set, it is time to begin the WSB process.

SL / GS: minimum 4 – 6 WSB cycles before on snow session (hot box optional)
SGS / DH: minimum 10 WSB cycles, plus hot box session before on-snow session. Ideally, speed skis should also be “snow cycled” then WSB’d a few more times before use to get the most “speed”.

a WSB uberblick

Use a “base prep” wax for this process. Be sure your iron is burr-free and that the “wax puddle” behind the iron is no more than 3 – 5 inches; keep iron moving and apply extra caution in the tip and tail areas, as these areas are more susceptible to damage. Allow ski to cool 20 - 30 minutes before scraping - the longer the better - (best not to exceed 3 WSB cycles per day)

Use only a clean, 90-degree angled, plastic* scraper that is free of burrs to remove all the excess wax off the surface of the base before brushing. Scrape, tip to tail, taking many passes with progressive pressure to remove the wax. Be sure that you are getting all the wax off the ski along the entire length. Keep scraping until you cannot remove any more wax.
*more on scraper types in a future blog

Use your brushes in long, smooth, even strokes with firm progressive pressure and two hands. Work from the stiffest brush that you chose to start with to the finest. After each brush type, take your scraper and re-scrape the ski, then pass your fibertex and fiberlene down the ski.