Mount Peter Race Club Information

The Mount Peter Race Club is the parent booster organization of the
Mount Peter Race Team.  Our mission is to support the race program to enhance the overall ski racing experience for all Mount Peter racers.

The Club is one leg of a three-legged stool that makes up the Mount Peter Racing Program:  The parent organization (Club), the Race Department (Coaches), and the Mountain.  When all three legs hold up their end, the program works!  We have excellent coaches and we get tremendous support from our mountain – and our parent organization is outstanding!  We are also a very “social” organization – we like to hang out together during the season and enjoy our “winter friends”.

An 11-member Board coordinates our Club's activities:
  • Joe LaSala, President
  • David D. Smith, Immediate Past President
  • Hillary Hansen , Treasurer
  • Phil Godwin, Race Team Representative
  • Rebecca Sampson, Mountain Representative
  • Vincent D'Agostino, Recording Secretary
  • Kelly Cossano, Race Team Administrator
  • Brian McKinley, Chief Gate Judge
  • Joe Lasala, Team Photographer
  • Joseph O'Keefe - Board Member
  • Melissa Hall - Board Member

Club dues are $25 per racer, with a $75 family maximum.  There is also a $150/per family volunteer bond.  Once a family achieves its required “5 Volunteer Points” the volunteer bond is returned.  But there is no penalty for earning more than 5 Volunteer Points!  We always need help to run races, coordinate events, sell raffle tickets – there’s plenty of opportunity to earn 5+ Volunteer Points.        

  • Club membership and family volunteer bond is required for all USSA (U10 - U21) racers or athletes cannot train or race.
  • Club membership only is required of Dynamites or Deve Team racers.  The volunteer bond is not required of Dynamite or Dev Team Racers.
  • Please use separate checks for dues and Volunteer Bond.
  • Please complete the Club application and mail it along with your checks to Hillary Hansen (Treasurer) at the address on the application.

Our Club dues and fundraising efforts go to improve the overall experience for all racers.  The Club sponsors the annual Parent Social, End of Season Party, and Fun Race for Dynamites, Dev Team, and U10/U12 racers.  It also pays for post-season awards, coaches gifts, coaches support at post season events, our USSA race sanction fees, timing equipment so that we can host NJSRA/USSA races, and honorariums for expert guest coaches to work with our racers.  Last season, the Club -- along with the Mountain and Race Department -- also contributed to the purchase, installation, and finishing of the new Race shed.  This year one of our initiatives under consideration is to purchase high definition video equipment so coaches can provide video analysis and review with all racers as well as live-stream our races on the Internet.

Important fundraisers throughout the year include Warwick Applefest, ski raffle, car magnet sale, Lake Tahoe condo raffle, and any other ideas are welcome!
Thank you in advance for joining the Mount Peter Race Club and for your support of our athletes.  It is greatly appreciated.
Think Snow!
Joe LaSala
Mount Peter Race Club